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What is the square footage on my property?
Most parcel sizes and building sizes are available through our website:

Eagle Web Assessor Data

Yuma County DDS Mapping Services

What is a parcel number?
A parcel number is an identification number assigned by the Assessor’s Office to quickly locate a property.

What is Full Cash Value?
In Arizona, Full Cash Value is synonymous with market value.

What is Limited Property Value?
In Arizona, Limited Property Value is a ministerial value that is derived from a statutory formula.

What is Assessed Value?
Assessed Value is obtained by applying a ratio (percentage) to the Full Cash or Limited Value.

How do you assess our taxes?
The tax calculation is a very long process that cannot be fully explained here. The simple answer is that property taxes are based upon property value and the assessed value percentage that is applicable to that property.

Where do we go to pay our taxes?
Yuma County Treasurer’s Office, 410 South Maiden Lane, Yuma, Arizona 85364.

I know where a property is located but I do not know the address. How can I find the parcel number for that property?
The Assessor parcel maps are located in the office and all employees are trained to assist the public with locating a parcel. Yuma County DDS Mapping Services can assist you online

How can I find out the owner of a property?
The names of property owners are available through our Website: 

I need to transfer a mobile into someone else’s name who do I need to speak with?
The title transfer process for manufactured homes and recreational vehicles that are not affixed to real property is done at the Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division, 2165 E. Gila Ridge Road, Yuma, 85365.

How can I get a copy of my deed?
Yuma County Recorder’s Office, 410 South Maiden Lane, Yuma, Arizona 85364.

How can I find how much a house sold for and when?
Property sales data is available through our website: 

Eagle Web Assessor Data

Yuma County DDS Mapping Services




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