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County Recorder WARNS residents 3rd party mailers can become confusing during Election Cycle

Post Date:01/13/2020 3:00 PM

Yuma County Recorder Robyn Stallworth Pouquette and her office
are already busy gearing up for the 2020 Election Cycle. 
She warns that 3rd Party organizations that send 
materials to residents can sometimes be inaccurate or misleading.

Yuma County Recorder Robyn Stallworth Pouquette issued a warning to all citizens of Yuma County regarding potentially misleading mailings over the coming weeks (and during the 2020 Election Cycle). Historically some these mail-outs originate from the Voter Participation Center (VPC) and the Center for Voter Information (CVI), a sister organization of VPC. Both organizations are Washington, D.C. based organizations that, per their materials, target citizens who are not registered to vote. These organizations are not related to Yuma County or to any other governmental agency.

“Since becoming the Yuma County Recorder I have spent a lot of unnecessary time clearing up information surrounding 3rd party organizations distributing communications to voters and prospective voters during election cycles,” explains Pouquette. “ First, I want to emphasize that these 3rd party organizations operate outside our organization and their communications do not represent the county’s voter registration processes.  For example, a mailer indicating an individual is not registered to vote may be inaccurate because the information is not coming from Yuma County.  Second, before reacting to such a mailer it is simple to find out your own registration status by visiting Arizona Voter Information Portal found on the Secretary of State’s website.”

Historically, VPC and CVI get information for their mailings from various unverified sources. Previous mailings have resulted in voter registration applications being sent to deceased persons, minor children and even pets. Mailings have also been sent to voters who are already registered, which creates unnecessary confusion and concern.

“Although I respect the intentions of 3rd party organizations to engage our communities in voting and they are certainly permitted to distribute communications to citizens, it is important for all Yuma County citizens to know that neither the County nor the State have verified any information utilized for such mailers,” said Pouquette. 

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