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Yuma County Consolidates Election Services with Recorders Office

Post Date:02/21/2019 2:30 PM

The Yuma County Board of Supervisors has approved a proposal from Yuma County Recorder Robyn Stallworth Pouquette to integrate the Election Services Office with the Recorder’s Office. At the nucleus of the presentation, Pouquette presented how the move would streamline the operations of future elections by integrating the individual, yet related, functions of both offices.

“With Yuma County being the only Arizona County adopting this unique structure, the administration of elections is approached from a team perspective with coordination and management focused on transparency and broad communication with voters and stakeholders,” explains Pouquette.

By a vote of the Board (4-0 with Chairman Tony Reyes absent), the County Recorder will now supervise all election-related services. Pouquette will be establishing internal policies and procedures for the operation of the new division of her office.

An Elections Advisory Committee will be formed and be comprised of the County Recorder, the County Administrator, the County Attorney and two members of the County Board of Supervisors, representing different political parties, appointed by the Chairman of the Board. The Advisory Committee will serve as a subject matter resource to the County Recorder in the areas of statutory compliance, operational efficiency, and public policy and shall provide input on election operations and initiatives. It will also be responsible for overseeing the recruitment, evaluation and interviewing of candidates for the Elections Director in the event it becomes vacant and will collaborate with the Recorder in any performance evaluation or disciplinary matters.

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