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County Recorder issues statement regarding Statewide voter issue impacting some counties

Post Date:08/09/2018 4:45 PM

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The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office has made the Yuma County Recorder aware of a problem regarding the dissemination of some early ballots.  The Secretary of State advised the Recorder that the current statewide voter system retained early ballot request information for some voters from the 2016 Primary Election.  As a result, the voters impacted may have received an early ballot from Yuma County for the upcoming 2018 Primary Election without having requested an early ballot.  Based on information provided by the Secretary of State’s Office, there may have been 660 Yuma County voters that may have received an unrequested ballot for the 2018 Primary Election. After beginning an assessment on the information provided, the Recorder’s Office expects the number of voters impacted to be much lower.

The Recorder’s Office is in the process of identifying and contacting those voters individually and advising them that they can either vote the ballot they received if that is the ballot they wish to vote or they can simply discard the ballot and contact the office to request a different party ballot.  A voter also has the option to vote in-person at the Yuma County Recorder’s Office or at a Vote Center on Election Day (August 28, 2018). The deadline to request an early ballot be mailed to you is Friday, August 17th.

This issue does not impact the overwhelming majority of voters in Yuma County and occurred due to an unresolved system error involving the statewide vendor.  Yuma County is one of the counties that use the statewide system for its voter registration and election management needs. Yuma County has worked with the Secretary of State’s Office in working through various issues and concerns of the outdated system that has been in place for over 10 years. 

“Although we are disappointed in the system’s lack of capability to meet our needs, the State recently procured a new vendor for the statewide voter system.  While the new system is not yet available, we are extremely excited with the testing being done to ensure this new system can be implemented for 2019,” explains Robyn Stallworth Pouquette, Yuma County Recorder. “Like other counties, we look forward to working with a more robust and comprehensive system capable of more effectively serving the voters in our individual counties.”

As the top voter registration official in Yuma County, the Recorder considers each piece of the complex election cycle to be vital in maintaining the integrity of elections overall. The Recorder is, and will continue to be, on top of making sure this concern is taken care of while constantly reviewing and auditing each process as we move forward.

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