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Bike Routes to debut in Foothills

Post Date:02/22/2018 4:30 PM

Bike Route with Signage

Over the coming weeks Foothills residents in Yuma County might see a decrease in vehicular traffic, but an increase in cyclists. Thirteen miles of bike routes will be shared with current traffic patterns in the Foothills and Mesa Del Sol areas.  The sign posts currently being installed along the routes don’t look like much now, but they mark the very first bike route in Yuma County. Signs will be added in the coming weeks to call motorists’ attention to the potential for cyclists along the road.

Yuma County Development Services staff originally began discussing bicyclist concerns back in April 2015. Over time they have worked closely with organizations like the Yuma Region Bicycle Coalition to fine-tune plans and map out potential routes.

“The number of people cycling in Yuma County has increased in recent years. The Yuma County Board of Supervisors is responding to an increase in demand for safer, cycle-friendly, roads,” explained Susan Thorpe, County Administrator. “This will mark a great beginning for any cyclists that are full-time residents or winter visitors.” 

Bike Route Sign_1


South Foothills Loop (south of interstate)

  • Starting at the Foothills Library and South Frontage Rd. heading east to Avenue 15E..
  • At Ave 15 E. and South Frontage Road heading south on Ave 15E to County 14th St.
  • At Ave. 15E and Co. 14th and Foothills Blvd. heading west on Co. 14th St. to Foothills Blvd.
  • At Foothills Blvd. and County 14th Street heading north on Foothills Blvd to the South Frontage Rd.
  • At South Frontage Rd. and Foothills Blvd. heading east on South Frontage to the Foothills Library..
  • At this point this is the end or the beginning of the bike route. This is a two way Bike Route

North Foothills (north of interstate)

  • Starting at Foothills Blvd and North Frontage Rd. heading west on North Frontage Rd. to Camino del Sol.
  • At North Frontage Rd. and Camino del Sol heading north on Camino del Sol to 28th St.
  • At 28th St. and Camino del Sol heading west on 28th St. to South Fortuna Rd.
  • At South Fortuna Rd. and 28th St. heading south on S. Fortuna Rd. to Shale Dr.
  • At Shale Dr. and S. Fortuna Rd. heading west on Shale Emerald Ave.
  • At Emerald Ave and Shale Dr. heading south on Emerald Ave to Sapphire Dr.
  • At Sapphire Dr. and Emerald Ave heading west on Sapphire Dr. to Ave 10 ½ E.
  • At Ave 10 ½ E. and Sapphire Dr. heading north on Ave 10 ½ E. to Hurricane St.
  • At Hurricane St. and Ave 10 ½ E. heading west on Hurricane St. to Ave Compadre.
  • At Ave Compadre and Hurricane St. heading south on Ave Compadre to County 10 ½ St.
  • At County 10 ½ St. and Ave. Compadre heading west on County 10 ½ St. to Ave 10 E.
  • At this point this is the end or beginning of the bike Route. This is a two way Bike route.

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