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YuCount Community Newsletter AUGUST 2018

Post Date:08/02/2018 9:10 AM


Active Shooter Training is not just for Law Enforcement officers anymore.  Recently our Sheriff's Office and Emergency Management department got together to train County Employees on how to respond to an active shooter.  They worked in groups to assist each other and make the arrest less complicated and safer.

Check out the different scenarios that were played out during the training.
Elections Services Open House will be held at 197 S. Main Street from  Wednesday,  August 1 thru Friday,  August 10, 2018, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.   In this open house, the public will be able to check out all the new and latest equipment that will be used during the August 28, 2018, Primary Election and all future elections.  There are new poll books, tabulator machines, touch screens and ballot counters.  Even with the new equipment, the vote centers will still have fill in the bubble ballots for your convenience.

Check out the video to see how much faster and easier voting is with our new equipment.
Getting ready for school?  Don't forget your immunization shots!  A very easy way to protect your children from several illnesses.  Get in early to our Health Department and beat the school rush. 

To find out more about shot schedules and requirements take a minute to view the video.
Did you know that Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center provides more than one service to the community youth? 

We have the Kids at HOPE, a program that believes that all children are capable of success, no exception. We also have the AZTEC Charter High School, where only 25-30% of the attendees are on actual probation- the rest are students from the public.  We actually have 140 students right now, that are registered at the AZTEC Charter High School.

Click on the video to see how the Juvenile Justice Center assists the Yuma community youth.  You can also find out more by visiting the Justice Center website.

Greetings! Yuma County Adult Probation hopes you had a fantastic month and are enjoying our three-digit temperatures.  July 15 – 21, 2018, was proclaimed as National Pretrial, Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision Week by the American Probation and Parole Association!  This is the time of the year when professionals in law enforcement careers throughout the United States and Canada celebrate the work that we do to help make our communities a better place to raise our families. 

Throughout this special week, Yuma County Adult Probation continued to work hard in our community by helping our adult offenders improve themselves and their lives.  However, during our breaks, we enjoyed a fun-filled week of various games which included some friendly competition in the form of games such as “Loteria”, a popular board game similar to Bingo, washoes, and a funny photo contest.
Staff took turns bringing “snacks” for everyone to enjoy, however, these “snacks” turned into full-blown meals! The opening day breakfast, provided by our management team, offered a larger selection than most local buffets, another day’s “nachos” turned into “Nachos Supreme”, and then an ice cream social on Friday!  
There was the traditional “All Staff Luncheon” that this year was catered by PANDA EXPRESS restaurant.  By the end of the week, even our “stretchy pants” were a little snug.  It is important to clarify that throughout the event no taxpayer dollars were ever used for the purchases of our goodies. Food and activities were provided by the internal “Booster Club”, which consists, of APO staff which raises monies for such events by hosting internal fundraisers throughout the year, and donations from staff including our management team.  To all who helped organize and make this special week possible, we extend a GREAT BIG YUMA COUNTY THANK YOU!
Perhaps the most important event that was held during the week was the blood drive.  On Wednesday, July 18, Adult Probation hosted a blood drive for United Blood Services of Arizona, a non-profit organization and the primary provider of blood for Yuma Regional Medical Center. While most of the donors were APO staff, there were donors from several other agencies and the general public.  As a result of this event, we successfully completed 26 draws.  However, some of us were able to donate Power Red, meaning some
donors gave two units of blood instead of one.  So we actually collected 29 units of blood.  Taking into consideration that each unit has the capacity to impact three lives, your generosity has the potential of saving up to 87 lives!  This a pretty good day’s work and a very successful blood drive!

On behalf of  Yuma County Adult Probation, United Blood Services, and mostly, on behalf of all those people and their families that will benefit from your generosity, we extend to you a GREAT BIG YUMA COUNTY THANK YOU! This includes everyone who worked behind the scenes as well as those of you who showed up, sleeves rolled up ready to give, but for reasons beyond your control, were deferred. 

In closing, John Augustus, a Boston cobbler, is credited as being the "Father of Probation." In 1841 he persuaded the Boston Police Court to release an adult drunkard into his custody rather than sending him to prison -- the prevalent means of dealing with law violations at that time.  His efforts at reforming his first charge were successful, and he soon convinced the court to release other offenders to his supervision. However, this first unofficial probation officer did not perform his altruistic work without controversy. His efforts actually were resisted by police, court clerks, and turnkeys who were paid only when offenders were incarcerated. Since that time, the accomplishments, struggles, and victories in the field of probation are many. Today, probation is authorized in all states and is an integral part of the justice system. We've come a long way! Probation is not a job, it is a way of life and if you have what it takes, we can sure use you.   Probation Works in Yuma County!

Submitted by:
Frank J. Silva
Adult Probation



Angel Puga, Library Assistant I (Yuma Main Library), has been chosen as the Yuma County Library District’s Employee of the Month for August 2018. This award is to recognize an employee that inspires us with their effort and attitude. Angel received a mounted certificate, a nameplate in the book of his choice, an Employee of the Month pin, and his photo will be hung at the Wellton Branch Library during the month of July.

Congratulations Angel!

Summer Business Series 2018

In August 2018, the Yuma Main Library, in collaboration with local small business consultant and digital marketing expert Vanessa Castillo, will host a Summer Business Series at the Main Library. Aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, and students are invited to attend workshops focusing on marketing and social media.

There is no charge to attend; however, registration is required. Call (928) 373-6480 or e-mail to register.

Thursday, August 9 • 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Instagram for Business
 Learn how to become an Instagram leader, crush your competitors, dominate Instagram marketing, and create a fan base or community.

Thursday, August 16 • 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Facebook Ads & Analytics
 Learn how to create Facebook ads for different purposes and how to read analytics to better understand your online performance.

Thursday, August 23 • 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Email Marketing & Blogging
 Join us for an overview of email marketing and learn how to incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy.

The Main Library is located at 2951 S 21st Drive.

On September 25, 1995, the Yuma County Board of Supervisors approved a contract with a firm to research and complete a study regarding the feasibility of, and to make recommendations regarding the establishment of a Yuma County Public Defender's Office. At a special session held on December 11, 1995, the results of the feasibility study were presented to the Board by Ms. Rosa M. Miller and Ms. Kimberly Knox, Yuma County Superior Court staff members. Court Administrator Steve Gallaher was present to answered questions. The Board approved the establishment of a Yuma County Public Defender's office as per the concept in Option No. 2 of the feasibility study and directed the Personnel Department to proceed with the necessary job description and salary review and to move forward on the hiring of a Public Defender in the Spring of 1996. Board members were: Kathryn “Casey” Prochaska;, Chairman; Bob McClendon; Lucy Shipp; Clyde Cuming; and Gary Pierce.

Submitted by
Ginger Hamilton,
County Administration

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