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3rd Graders Take a Walk….Through the Body!

Post Date:02/02/2018 5:00 PM


 The Yuma County Public Health District’s Arizona Health Zone is bringing an interactive event for area 3rd graders to encourage them to lead healthy lifestyles for the rest of their lives.  Body Walk is set up at the Yuma Civic and Convention Center from February 5th through February 9th, 2018 for pre-reserved schools to attend at 9:00 AM every day.  There is also a second session beginning at 12:00 noon every day except Friday.

Body Walk is:

  • An exciting tour of the human body featuring engaging learning components.
  • An opportunity for students and their parents/caregivers to enjoy being physically active.
  • A great opportunity for volunteerism and community service!

The Body Walk tour consists of 7 stations representing parts of the body. At each station students and parents have the opportunity to meet interesting costumed characters that engage them in a brief learning activity on the importance of being physically active every day and making healthy food choices. The tour culminates at Body Walk Boot Camp where they get to participate in a variety of fun games.

The Body Walk Experience

Students start the walk in the Brain, where Sir Eebrum and Lady Sara Bellum talk to the students about making good choices for good health and are reminded that “Healthy Choices Begin In Your Brain”.  Next, in the Mouth, Mickey Molar and Dr. McKavity talk to them about proper care of their teeth and foods that promote good oral health. They leave this component with the message “A Healthy Mouth = A Bright Smile!” and get “swallowed” down the esophagus and into the Stomach and Small Intestine.  Here Superheroes teach them about “Super Foods for a Super Body”. They are then absorbed into the bloodstream and travel to the Heart.  In the Heart, they get to listen to their own heartbeat with real stethoscopes and learn how physical activity will help them “Keep Up the Beat!”  Leaving the Heart, they pass into the Lung. 

ProfessAir teaches students how important it is to keep their lungs healthy and that “Fresh Air is the Best Air!”  Next, in the Bone, Construction Workers explain the building blocks of calcium-rich foods and weight-bearing exercise for strong healthy bones. The last of the Body components is the Muscle, where students practice some physical activities and learn how to “Make Your Move!”  Finally, after hopping out of the Muscle, the children and parents enter Body Walk Boot Camp to enjoy lots of active fun.

Schools partnering with Yuma County Public Health Services District’s Arizona Health Zone program are invited on a first-come, first-reserved basis. 

Elementary schools participating in this year’s Body Walk event include:

Alice Byrne, Salida del Sol, McGraw, Yuma Christian, Valley Horizon, South Western Christian, Carver, Rolle, AmeriSchool South, Dateland, Desert View Elem., Price, Mohawk, Pecan Grove, Palmcroft, Desert Mesa, Roosevelt, Yuma Lutheran, OCJohnson, Tierra del Sol, Gadsden, and Cesar Chavez.

For more information on Body Walk please call Suzanne Cooper at (928)317-4632.

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