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                            MEETING NOTICE AND AGENDA

                                       Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes §38-431, et. seq. 
                               and amendments thereto, 
                                     A REGULAR SESSION of the 
                                     YUMA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
Will be held on
NOVEMBER 20, 2017 -- 9:00 A.M.
198 South Main Street, Yuma, Arizona
Board members will attend either in person or by telephone.



CALL TO THE PUBLIC:  Call to the Public is held for public benefit to allow individuals to address issue(s) within the Board's jurisdiction. Board members may not discuss items that are not specifically identified on the agenda. Therefore, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute §38-431.01(H), action taken as a result of public comment will be limited to directing staff to study the matter, responding to criticism, or scheduling the matter for further discussion and decision at a future date. 

PRESENTATIONS, PROCLAMATIONS & APPOINTMENTS: Note: During this segment of the agenda, board members may discuss the presentations and proclamations, and may announce appointments to the Yuma County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Yuma County Board of Adjustment. No legal actions will be taken. 

1.      Presentation of "The County Line" by Yuma 77, the Yuma County Government Channel. No Action

2.      Chairman proclaims December 1, 2017 as "World AIDS Day". No Action

CONSENT CALENDAR:  The following items listed under the Consent Agenda will be considered as a group and acted upon by one motion with no separate discussion, unless a Board Member so requests. In that event, the item will be removed from the Consent Calendar for separate discussion and action. 

1.        Assessor: Approve Tax Roll Corrections as listed in batch dated November 20, 2017, pursuant to ARS Title 42, Chapter 16, Article VI.  (A full listing of all corrections is available from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.) Approved as presented 

2.         Finance: Approve the Accounts Payable Demands disbursed in the amount of $1,939,327.38 and Payroll in the amount of $1,506,318.96 during the period of September 27, 2017 through October 26, 2017. (A detailed listing is available for review in the Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.) Approved as presented

3.        Clerk of the Board: Approve the minutes for November 6, 2017 Regular Session.   Approved as presented

4.        Clerk of the Board:  Recommend State approval of a Regular Liquor License Application Series No. 6, submitted by Maria Kyriaky Stefanakos dba
Wheesy Grill & Sports Bar, 11732 S. Fortuna Road, Yuma, Arizona, State License No. 06140033.  BOS Recommended Approval

5.        County Administrator/Risk Management: Adopt Resolution No. 2017-36 amending Yuma County's Safety Excellence Award process.

6.        Court Administrator/Justice Court: Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-73, reducing the contingency in the Justice Court Precinct One Additional Assessment Fund, Fund No. 02243.01.1100, by $9,500 and increasing personnel line items to pay the on-call Judge Pro Tempore.  Approved as presented

7.        General Services/Jail District: a) Authorize the General Services Director to negotiate with Convergint Technologies for the Security System Upgrade Project at the Sheriff's Office Detention Center; and b) Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-74, transferring $268,200 from CIP Project No. 5.1302 and 5.1601 to CIP Project No. 5.1603 and 5.1602. Approved as presented

8.       Development Services/Engineering: Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-79, reallocating funding in the amount of $200,000 from HURF/DDS-Engineer Contingency to CIP No.1-1402, North Frontage Road: Fortuna Road to Foothills Blvd. Overlay Project. Approved as presented

9.        Public Health Services District: a) Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-75, increasing the budget authority by $30,000.00 for the Women,
Infants, and Children (WIC), Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Services (BFPC) and Farmer's Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) Services Grant No. ADHS14-053059; b) Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-76, increasing the hours for the Nutrition Education Specialist I position No. 7093.015 from 20 hours to 29 hours; and c) Authorize the District Director to sign Amendment No. 6 to Contract No. ADHS14-053059 for the WIC, BFPC and FMNP Services,
effective October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018. Approved as presented

10.     Development Services/Flood Control District: Approve the Senior Civil Engineer salary at Grade 337, Step 8.0 (above midpoint).   Approved as presented

11.     Sheriff: Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-69 and increase budget authority in Jail District Other Grants Fund to reflect increased funding from the Arizona    Department of Public Safety in the amount of $350,000.  Approved as presented

12.     Superior Court/Juvenile Court:  Adopt Budget Amendment No. 18-67, decreasing budget authority in the Detention Education Fund by $46,491 (increasing
          contingency by $41,052).  Approved as presented

13.     Superior Court/Juvenile Court: Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-68, transferring-out $19,870 from the Aztec Fund (02245) (including a $19,870 reduction in Contingency) and transferring-in $19,870 to the Probation Fees Fund (02232) (including an increase of $19,870 in Contingency).  Approved as presented

14.      Superior Court/Juvenile Court:  Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-72, increasing budget authority in the Aztec IDEA Fund by $11,398.  Approved as presented

15.      Superior Court/Juvenile:  Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-78, increasing budget authority in the Juvenile Crime Reduction Fund by $7,901.  Approved as presented

16.      County Attorney:  Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution No. 18-77, establishing budget authority for Fund 02285 Attorney Other Grants.  Approved as presented

17.      County Attorney:  Approve the Paralegal Salary above mid-point, Grade 226 Step 9.0, for Kaitlin Wolf, retroactive to October 16, 2017.  Approved as presented

DISCUSSION AND ACTION ITEMS: The Board will open each of the following items separately for discussion and action, as appropriate.

1.        Information Technology Services (ITS): Authorize ITS Department to execute the implementation of the Yuma County Wi-Fi Project at an estimated cost of $30,432.51.  Approved as presented

PLANNING & ZONING AGENDA: Full legal descriptions of property sites for all Rezoning Cases are available for public review at the Yuma County Board of Supervisors' Office.

REZONING CONSENT CALENDAR: The following items will be considered as a group and acted upon by one motion with no separate discussion unless a Board member so requests.  In that event, the item will be removed from the Consent Calendar for separate discussion.  However, action is statutorily limited to approve the item as recommended by the Planning & Zoning Commission or setting the item for public hearing.

1.       Development Services/Planning & Zoning:  Rezoning Case No. 17-12: Christopher Robins, agent for Judith Hilarie, requests the rezoning of a parcel 40.0 gross acres in size from Rural Area-40 acre minimum (RA-40) to Rural Area-10 acre minimum (RA-10), Assessor's Parcel Number 186-24-012, located on the northwest corner of the alignment of Avenue 39½E and County 8th Street in Tacna, Arizona.  Approved PZ Com Rec'n-APPROVED

REZONING -- REGULAR PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS: Staff will make a full presentation on each of the following items, followed by separate discussion, public hearing, and action by the Board of Supervisors. 

1.        Development Services/Planning & Zoning:  Minor Amendment Case No. 2017-MA-03: A proposed amendment to the Circulation Element of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan to address bicycles and bicycle routes.  Approved PZ Com Rec'n-APPROVED


1.        Board members and County Administrator will report on and may discuss events attended or to be attended on behalf of the County, may present a brief summary of current events and may update the schedule for future Board of Supervisors meetings, as appropriate. No legal action will be taken, pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.02(K).  No Action

WORK SESSION DISCUSSION AND ACTION ITEM: The Board will discuss and may take action on the following item(s) as appropriate:

1.        Human Resources/Finance: Human Resources/Finance: Discussion and direction to County staff on the Yuma County 2018-2019 pay scales for County job classifications and other compensation matters.  Other  (See minutes)

Action to adjourn. 

Note: The Board may vote to hold an Executive Session for the purpose of obtaining legal advice from the Board's attorney on any matter listed on the agenda, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute §38-431.03(A)(3).     

I hereby certify that this Meeting Notice and Agenda were posted
within the 24-hour advance notice, in compliance with the Arizona Open Meeting Law. 

County Administrator/Clerk of the Board

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