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IT Security Division

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2717 S. Ave B. Yuma, AZ 85364  |  Main: (928) 373-1000  |  Fax: (928) 817-5199  | 

Yuma County IT Security Administrator : Jesus N. Cervantes 


The IT Security Administrator is the designated body for all of IT security operations within the County and is delegated the responsibility of developing policies, procedures, and standards regarding the transmission, processing, maintenance, safeguarding, and disposal of information; developing training and informational materials; and assessing and ensuring the County’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and standards relating to information retention, security and privacy. The IT Security Administrator via the IT Security Division provides oversight of IT Security operations and initiatives within all Yuma County agencies, departments, and business units.


The mission of the Yuma County IT Security Division is to enhance the security of Yuma County data and systems from both internal and external Cyber Security threats by focusing on the following:

Collaboration: Collaborating with Department Heads, IT Managers, and Technical Staff to develop and maintain the County’s IT Security strategy

Awareness: Increasing employee awareness of information security through training and communication

Identification: Identifying risks to the security of County data and systems

Development: Developing cost effective security strategies and systems to appropriately safeguard County employees and systems.

Investigation: Investigating any possible IT Security issues


The IT Security Division is responsible for conducting and overseeing the following:

  • Administering IT security awareness and employee outreach programs related to the County’s overall IT Security stance.
  • Providing guidance and oversight for IT Security throughout the County. This includes being the primary point of contact for all issues relating to IT Security within the County.
  • Coordinating and maintaining the County’s IT Security policies.
  • Maintaining appropriate security measures and mechanisms to guard against unauthorized access to County data and protect against reasonably anticipated threats and hazards.
  • Monitor and enforce internal and external policy compliance.
  • Monitor and ensure regulation compliance through adequate training programs and periodic security audits.
  • Oversee and/or assist in performing on-going security monitoring of County information systems including:
  • Assessing information security risks periodically.
  • Conducting functionality and gap analyses to determine the extent to which key business areas and infrastructure comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Evaluating and recommending new information security technologies and counter-measures against threats to information or privacy.
  • Maintain appropriate security measures and mechanisms to guard against unauthorized access to County data and protect against reasonably anticipated threats and hazards.



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