The Finance department is responsible for the administration of all financial programs of County government. These include establishing County wide fiscal policies and procedures, assisting the County Administrator in preparing and executing the County operating budget and capital improvement program, establishing and maintaining adequate and efficient financial systems for the County, supervising the implementation of adequate internal control systems to promote reliable financial information and to safeguard the County’s assets. They are also responsible for preparing and submitting to the County administrator and Board of Supervisors, on a regular basis, a summary statement of the revenues and expenditures for the preceding period, providing financial forecast of the County’s capital budget and operating budget, preparing periodic and annual fiscal reports, and finally, providing criteria for measuring Countywide financial performance.



The Yuma County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on September 6, 2017, at 9:00 a.m., Yuma, Arizona time, in the Board of Supervisors Auditorium at 198 South Main Street, Yuma, Arizona. Such hearing is a requirement if Yuma County is to enter into a purchase agreement (the "Agreement") to be secured by a pledge of the revenues from excise taxes that Yuma County now or hereafter levies, except for any taxes hereafter levied for an inconsistent purpose. The Agreement is estimated to be in a dollar amount of $2,420,000 and to have total estimated financing costs of not to exceed $2,928,000 including interest.

Yuma County proposes to pay the costs of to acquire and/or replace alarm and control panels, air conditioning units, phone systems, digital video recorder and surveillance cameras, underground fuel storage tanks, specialized equipment and software integration upgrades for, in and at buildings located at the following addresses: 2440 West 28th Street, 2200 West 28th Street, 141 South 3rd Avenue, 250 West 2nd Street, 198 South Main Street, 197 South Main Street and 405 South Main Street and to renovate and make additions to such buildings with the proceeds of the financing. (More detail about the foregoing will be provided in an analysis provided at the public hearing.)

Oral comments will be received at the public hearing. Persons who wish to comment but are unable to attend such hearing may, before September 29, 2017, at 12:00 p.m. (noon), (1) forward written comments to Susan Thorpe, Clerk of the Yuma County Board of Supervisors, 198 South Main Street, Yuma, Arizona 85364 or (2) utilize the link provided below.

For more information, contact Gilberto Villegas Jr. (928) 373-1012.

/s/ Susan Thorpe, Clerk, Board of Supervisors

Please Click Here to e-mail any comment at any time before adoption of the Resolution.


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