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Flood Control Division FAQ

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Flood Control Division FAQ

  • Construction Restrictions in a Floodplain - what are they?

  • Dumping in a wash - where can this be reported?

  • Elevation Certificates - where are they issued?

  • Flood Control District - office location:

  • Flood Control District - what is their function?

  • Flood Control District in Yuma County- responsible for which areas?

  • Flood Hazard - who will and how is a hazard determined for a parcel?

  • Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Flood Insurance Study - where are these available?

  • Flooding in the right-of-way, who should be contacted?

  • Floodplain - what is it and how are they regulated in Yuma County?

  • Floodplain Regulations for Yuma County - where can I purchase them?

  • Floodplain Use Permit - when do I need one and what are the requirements?

  • Grading Permit - when do I need one and what are the requirements?

  • Grading Plans and Drainage Reports - who prepares them?

  • Private property damage from right-of-way flooding - who should I contact?

  • Private property flooding - who should be contacted?

  • Public Records Request: How do I obtain general information or residential and commercial property information?

  • Public Works Standards - where can I purchase them?

  • Utility locating and marking is required by law - how do I request it?

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