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Building Safety FAQ

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  • Ad Valorem Tax Number, where do I get one?

  • Building Permit, when don't I need one?

  • Construction Permit, when do I need one?

  • Contractors, what about them?

  • Driveway Permits, what is the criteria for them?

  • Driveway, my neighbors don't have one. Why do I need one?

  • Electric or Gas Clearance, how do I get them turned on?

  • Encroachment Driveway Permit, do I need one?

  • Encroachment Driveway Permit, how much does it cost?

  • Encroachment Driveway Permit, what is it?

  • Encroachment Driveway Permit, what is its purpose?

  • Fabric Shade Structure, do I need a permit to shade my RV?

  • Hazardous Building, who takes care of this situation?

  • Inspections, about them and how to schedule one?

  • Inspections, what if I have a permit but never scheduled an inspection?

  • Manufactured Home Inspections, how many are required for a manufactured home permit?

  • Manufactured Home Installation Permit, what is it?

  • Manufactured Home Installation Permit, when is it needed?

  • Manufactured Home Installation Permit, why do I need one?

  • Manufactured Home Permit Fees, how are they calculated and paid?

  • Manufactured Home Permit, how do I apply for one?

  • Manufactured Home Permit, how long is it valid?

  • Manufactured Home Permit, what does it cover?

  • Manufactured Home Pit, can I dig my own pit?

  • Manufactured Home Placement Permit, how long does it take to get one?

  • Manufactured Home Placement, can I put it on the lot before I get a permit.

  • Manufactured Home Set-Up Inspections, when is the manufactured home inspected?

  • Manufactured Home Set-Up Permit, who can obtain one?

  • Manufactured Home Zoning, is my property zoned for a manufactured home?

  • 'Noise Abatement Req', what does it mean?

  • Other Approvals or Permits, what about them?

  • Permit, how long does it take to get one?

  • Permit, what if I don't get one?

  • Permit, who should obtain one?

  • Permits, what are they and why do I need one?

  • Plans, must I build to them?

  • Plans, who draws them up?

  • Public Records Request: How do I obtain general information or residential and commercial property information?

  • Septic System Location, how do I find mine?

  • Site Plan, why does it need to be drawn to scale?

  • Soil Report, how do I obtain one?

  • Tax Parcel I.D. Number, what is it?

  • Work Myself, can I do it or do I have to hire a licensed contractor?

  • Yuma County Comprehensive Building Code, where can I read it?

  • Zoning, what is it?

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