Current CIP Projects

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Contact the Construction Engineer at 928 817-5118 to discuss the status of the projects listed below.



Project Name

 1.1506  Avenue 14E; 28th Street to Suzanne De Fortuna Drive Road Improvements
 1.1507  US 95; County 22nd Street to Avenue G Pavement Restoration
 1.1602  Avenue 3E Overlay from County 14th Street to County 16th Street
 1.1702  Mohawk District 2017 Fall Chip Seal Project
 1.1702  Yuma District 2017 Fall Chip Seal Project
 1.9915  Avenue B at County 19th Street Traffic Signal
 1.9915  Fortuna Road at 28th Street Traffic Signal
 3.0103a  West Yuma Mesa Storm Drainage System Improvements
 3.0503f  North Frontage Rd Storm Drain Improvements between Fortuna Rd and Foothills Blvd


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