Current CIP Projects

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Contact the Construction Engineer at 928 817-5118 to discuss the status of the projects listed below.



Project Name

 1.1702  Yuma & Mohawk District Chip Seal Program (Spring 2018)
 3.0505a  San Luis Area Phase II Drainage Improvements Project
 1.9915  Avenue B at 5th Street High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) Beacon
 1.1004  Foothills Blvd. and 48th Street Intersection Improvements; New Traffic Signal
 3.1004  FarWest Storm Drain Improvement Project
 1.1506  Avenue 14E; 28th Street to Suzanne De Fortuna Drive Road Improvements
 1.9915  Avenue B at County 19th Street Traffic Signal
 1.9915  Fortuna Road at 28th Street Traffic Signal
 3.0503f  North Frontage Rd Storm Drain Improvements between Fortuna Rd and Foothills Blvd


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