Drug Court

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Eligibility Criteria

The Juvenile Drug Court targets non-violent offenders who have serious substance abuse issues. Participants are required to attend an intensive twelve month out-patient treatment program with regularly scheduled court appearances.

In order to be eligible, the candidate must:

  1. Have been referred to the Juvenile Court for committing a drug offense or be on probation and have tested positive for drug use.
  2. Admit to having a substance abuse problem and agree to participate in required treatment and court appearances.
  3. Have a parent/guardian willing to participate in treatment and court appearances.
  4. Be at least 13–16 years of age.
  5. Be a non-violent offender.
  6. Have not committed a sexual offense.

Mission Statement

To provide a holistic intervention approach, in which a juvenile’s individual strengths and resiliency factors will be recognized and used to break the cycle of substance abuse and its related social problems.


  • Provide juveniles the opportunity to be clean and sober.
  • Establish community support networks for families.
  • Develop positive relationships in the community.
  • Maintain and improve education.
  • Reduce the need for out-of-home placement and/or incarceration.
  • Equip juvenile offenders with skills that will aid them in leading productive, substance-free and crime-free lives.

What Is Drug Court?

The Yuma County Juvenile Drug Court Program is an alternative approach from the traditional juvenile court to stop drug abuse and related criminal activity amongst juvenile offenders.

The Juvenile Drug Court Program uses a team approach and is designed to provide immediate and continuous court intervention in the lives of children whose criminal behavior stems from drug use. The Judge is the central figure in a team effort that focuses on offender sobriety and accountability. The team works closely to monitor the participant's progress in the program.

The Juvenile Drug Court provides clear choices, sanctions and incentives to help participants take control of their own recovery. Encouragement and positive reinforcement is provided to those who are making progress in the program. Lack of progress or non-compliance will result in the application of graduated sanctions including increased judicial supervision, increased frequency of treatment, and house arrest.

Treatment Phases

Phase I: Orientation (8 weeks)

  • Individual & Family Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Group
  • Maintain school/work attendance
  • Submit to random drug screening
  • Appear in court for weekly reviews

Phase II: Treatment (10 weeks)

  • Substance Abuse Group
  • Family and Individual Therapy
  • Maintain school/work attendance
  • Submit to random drug screening
  • Bi-weekly court appearance reviews

Phase III: Transition (10 weeks)

  • Substance Abuse Group
  • Family and Individual Therapy
  • Community Involvement 
  • Maintain school/work attendance
  • Submit to random drug screening
  • Complete relapse prevention plan
  • Attend Aftercare group
  • Appear in court every three weeks.

Phase IV: Aftercare (8 weeks)

  • Attend Aftercare group
  • Maintain school/work attendance
  • Submit to random drug screening
  • Appear in Court Monthly
  • Family and Individual Counseling as needed.
  • Community Involvement

For more information call: Pauline Villa at (928) 314-1835
E-mail  pvilla@courts.az.gov

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