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Yuma County to host oil spill training and exercise

Mock exercise to simulate a release into the lower Colorado River

Post Date:04/03/2017 7:00 AM
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The Yuma County Office of Emergency Management is pleased to be hosting federal, state, local and tribal agencies along with Kinder Morgan for a multi-day training and emergency response exercise April 11-13. 

“Exercises and drills for emergency response are standard operating procedure and an essential part of our culture at Kinder Morgan,” said Melissa Ruiz, manager of corporate communications for Kinder Morgan, Inc.  “They also enhance our ability to work efficiently with emergency responders at the local, state and national level.”

The exercise brings together emergency responders that would be called upon if there was a release of a petroleum product into the lower Colorado River. The Lower Colorado River Geographic Response Plan, developed over the last decade, will be tested to ensure it efficiently guides oil spill response through integrated and effective coordination of response agencies.

“Response exercises that bring together industry, federal, state and tribal players are important for building relationships and clarifying roles and responsibilities before a real emergency occurs,” said Dan Meer, director of the EPA’s emergency response and preparedness program in the Pacific Southwest. “We don’t want to meet our response partners in the midst of a crisis."

Over seventy-five (75) emergency response professionals, including  US Coast Guard, local emergency managers, technical experts, environmental protection specialists, wildlife experts, and water resource managers, will participate in the training and exercise. Additionally, some area public information officers and agency spokespersons will be participating in a mock public relations press briefing as part of the exercise.

If you wish further information about this event or wish to participate you may contact Kevin Tunell, Yuma County Communications Director at (928) 580-3042.

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