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Equipment glitch no cause for alarm in Early Voting, Voters can only cast a single ballot

Post Date:08/09/2017 3:22 PM


City of Yuma residents need not be alarmed if they are a voter that has received two voting packages for the upcoming City of Yuma Primary Election. The City of Yuma contracts with Yuma County to conduct the upcoming election cycle and early ballots have been sent for the August 29th election.

Following the initial mailing of ballot packages on Wednesday, August 2nd, the Recorder’s Office was made aware of several voters who received more than one package.  Upon examination of the ballot envelope printing file, it was determined that the voters who have received more than one package were processed within a “re-run” file following an interruption in the preparation of the packages. The error was caused by a swapping of first and middle names associated to a voter’s identification number.  However, each individual voter is identifiable through a unique voter identification number and system requirements are tested prior to tabulation of ballots to consistently verify integrity of votes cast. Fortunately, this was an envelope printing error that is not capable of bypassing the system of checks and balances which ensures there is no chance of votes being counted twice.

There are times voters receive more than one ballot package upon request as perhaps a ballot is lost, damaged, or not received on a date expected. However, it is important to note that these options are available in consideration of the fact that multiple ballots cannot be tabulated.  Once a ballot package is returned to the Recorder’s Office, it undergoes a multi-step verification process to include signature verification prior to being sent to the Elections Department to be opened and tabulated, thereby maintaining the confidentiality of the voter’s information.  If a voter were to return more than one package, the first returned package will be logged as accepted and any subsequent package will be logged as rejected and retained in the rejected record as a duplicate submission.

"We are excited about using our new automated system for this process which will save several weeks of manual package preparation and valuable resources," explains Robyn Pouquette, Yuma County Recorder, "This election will be the system’s first use and we recognize it is still possible to make a human error in its operation as we work through training and troubleshooting. I am pleased with the layers of security involved which allow us to work through any issue quickly and effectively. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion and want everyone to know that it is not possible for a voter to have multiple ballots counted even if a voter received more than one package."

As a reminder, the City of Yuma Primary Election will be held, Tuesday, August 29, and Early Ballots will be mailed through Friday, August 18th, by request. Election results will be posted on Election Night on the city's web site:

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