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Yuma County to GRADE THE WAY to better roads

Post Date:06/26/2017 1:02 PM

gravel road mag

Those businesses and citizens utilizing gravel roads in the area are in store for big changes in the condition of Yuma County Maintained Gravel Roads in the coming weeks. The Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposes to initiate an aggressive grading schedule of nearly 200 miles of County gravel roadways. A total of 4 gravel road maintenance teams, consisting of a grader and water truck, will be initiating maintenance starting July 3, 2017. Two teams will be dedicated to the Yuma area and west County, and two teams will be dedicated to east County.

“We are going to be aggressive during the first 60 days,” explained Joshua Scott, Yuma County Public Works Director. “We hope to touch nearly all 200 miles of gravel roads at least once to get them into passable condition. We’ll also make a condition assessment of each. By September, we anticipate starting a routine maintenance schedule.”

The Yuma County Public Works Department was forced to suspend regularly scheduled gravel road maintenance back in FY2013, due to extended reduced Highway User Revenue Funds that the County regularly received from the State. It was then that the County could only perform gravel road maintenance on an as-needed basis to ensure roads remained passable. This new program of maintenance includes a schedule of 2 and 5 maintenance cycles per year based on need, use and soil type. The cost to get the 200 miles of roadways to a higher standard of maintenance is approximately $1.1 million.

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